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Urdu Books

Urdu And Computer(pd f) Free Learning Urdu book of IT

In This Book You will lean about.

  • How we can Use Urdu in your Computer.
  • Not Use Graphically or Images Urdu But Real Urdu And Directly.
  • Urdu Installation in windows 7,xp,Vista
  • Deference Between graphically and real Urdu.
  • Lay Out of Urdu keyboard.
  • Unicode codes values
  • and Many More Of This type.

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C++ in Urdu language

In This Book You will Learn About

  • How Make Software like window,utility Software,Application software etc.
  • What Is C++.
  • Basic Concept Of C++.
  • What is Computer language,Learn About other many Computer Languages.
  • Brief history of C++.
  • This book is for Bigger and extended.
  • All Type of student Learn From This.

SEO Urdu Book PDF

SEO Urdu Book read online or download in PDF format. SEO Urdu Book is very affected SEO book for beginners who want to learn Search Engine Optimization in Urdu language. SEO Urdu Book contains all the necessary chapters that guides you about SEO from basic to advanced level through step by step method. in reality this book is complete SEO tutorial book in Urdu language.

PHP, MySQL and Web Development in Urdu

This PHP Urdu Book is a class wise book and there are 22 classes in this book, if you are hardworking then you can easily learn PHP in 22 to 30 days. If you want to learn PHP then you should learn Html first becuase Html is necessary for PHP course.

In-pageĀ 2000 Urdu Book
In-page 2000 Urdu Book read online or download In-page 2000 Urdu Book in PDF format and learn about Urdu editing. In-page 2000 Urdu Book is a detailed course about In-page 2000

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