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7 habit should be in your children

Seven Habits should be your children: Many children have many  habit which may be shameful for their parent in the society. So that we should care of them, so  that we can avoid from these conditions.
  • Pray and Prayer: First thing we should teach to our  children prayer and pray to God, So they will neat directly and indirectly.
  • Respectable for All: We should teach to children, how they behave with elder people, their fellows and other people. Try to teach their behavior should be respectable for all
  • Clean: try to teach your children they will clean all the time, According to Holy prophet(PBUH) 

“Clean is half part of your believe to God”

  • Self Confidence: self confidence should be in your children so that they will be successful in life and make great progress in the life.
  • Habit to eat Good Food: You should try to teach your children to eat good foods which may healthful for your children, so that they will be healthy.
  • Use of money with care: You should inform to children, How they should spend their money, which may have some instruction of their progress 

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