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Civics Past Paper All board

what is civics?

Civics (siv-iks): noun
The word “civics” comes from the Latin word “civicus” which means “of a citizen.” Civic engagement is something that impacts every single person in our state, country and world.

Why Civics? News for Students & Parents

“Knowledge of our system of governance and our rights and responsibilities as citizens is not passed along through the gene pool. Each generation of Americans must be taught these basics.”cs is the exploration of one’s rights and responsibilities as a member of society. History, social studies, and politics are main components of being a civic-ally engaged citizen.
The civic mission of schools is not a new concept. Our nation’s public schools were founded to develop citizens with knowledge, and the rights and responsibilities of self-government. Yet formal civic education has almost vanished from the curriculum in most schools.

We must provide our youngest generation with the understanding of our constitutional system, and an appreciation for the achievements of, and opportunities provided by, self-government. Failure to do
so will imperil the future of our democracy.


  1. Strengthens the basic understanding of our structures of government, along with related processes of legislation and policy making.
  2. Enhances “21st century competencies” that are valued by colleges, universities and employers.
  3. Closes the civic achievement gap across race, ethnicity, income and parental educational attainment.
  4. Increases volunteerism and work on community issues.
  5. Enhances democratic accountability of elected officials.
  6. Improves government transparency.
  7. Increases voting and discussions of politics in the home.
  8. Lowers high school dropout rates.
  9. Creates a positive school climate that supports students feeling socially, emotionally and physically safe.
  10. Builds news literacy skills necessary for gathering information to make reasoned decisions on critical issues affecting our country.

This Subject is teaches in all punjab education board as optional subject,

Dear  User:  Here are Past Paper  For Intermediate classes (F.A, Fs.c and other), Which is collected from  other website . All student can download past paper at only one page.  
How to Download:
·         If you using computer then right click on link and select save as
·         If you are using mobile then open link and press long on image and select save image.

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