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Cs301 past Paper Megafile

CS301- Midterm and Final Term
this course offer by Virtual Univeristy of Pakistan


Introduction, The Array data type, The List abstract data type (ADT), Linked lists, Stacks, Queues, Trees, AVL Trees ,Huffman encoding , The Heap ADT, Priority queue implementation using the heap ADT, The Disjoint Sets ADT, The Table ADT, Implementation using arrays, Skip lists, Table ADT implementation using Hashing, Collision resolution in Hashing, Other uses of Hashing, Sorting, and Selection sort, Insertion sort, Bubble sort algorithms, Divide and conquer strategy: Merge sort, Quick sort

Course Synopsis

Data Structures is a core course in a typical undergraduate Computer Science Curriculum. The topics covered in the course are among the most fundamental material in all of computer science. The course prepares the students for (and is a prerequisite for) the more advanced material students will encounter in later courses. The course will cover well-known data structures such as dynamic arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, tree, heap, disjoint sets and table. Three goals will be accomplished:

  1. Implement these structures in C++
  2. Determine which structures are appropriate in various situations 
  3. Confidently learn new structures beyond what’s presented in this class

Course Learning Outcomes:At the end of the course, student should be able to:

  • Understand Abstract Data Types such as Lists, Queues etc.
  • Understand and program Stack operations (Push, Pop, isEmpty)
  • Understand and implement Queue Operations (Insert, Remove) using Linked Lists
  • Describe binary Trees
  • Know about height balanced trees and application of trees

Dear student, there is a big collection of past paper which is collected at one place, You can download paper by direct click on link, or Copy for Internet Download Manager.
1.CS301 Mid Term Solved MCQ’S With REF.  By MOAAZ_ IRFAN & AWAIS.pdfèDownload
2.CS301 Mid Term Solved Subjective With REF.  By MOAAZ & AWAIS.pdf
3.CS301 Subjective Solved By Mehran.pdf
4.Cs301 Mega file for Mid by HaCkeRzZ.pdf
8. CS301_02_MID_Spring2010.rtf
è Download
9. cs301 mid Papers More than 10 Papers.zipèDownload
10. Cs301 MID TERM PAPERS.rarèDownload
11. CS301 – Mid Term Past Papers (eagle_eye).rarèDownload
12. CS301 MID TERM SolvedèDownload
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