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CS-101 Past Paper Final and Mid Term

CS101- Midterm and Final Term


Introduction and Evolution of Computing, Computer Systems and its Components, Computer Hardware and Software, Binary Numbers and Logic Operations, Developing a Web Page using HTML, Operating Systems, JavaScript Interactive forms and Event Handling, Word Processing and Desktop Publishing, Spreadsheets, Developing Presentations, Introduction to Algorithms, Software Development Methodologies, Design Heuristics, Web Design for Usability, Arrays, Computer Networks, Internet Services, Graphics, Images and Animations, Intelligence Systems in computing, Data Management, Database Software, Cyber Crime, Social Implications of Computing, The Future of Computing

Course Synopsis

This is an introductory course in Computer Science designed for beginners. Apart from leading the participants through a whirlwind history of computing, the course also develops a feel for web programming through a series of lectures that help the students develop their own web page. Main objectives of the course are: 1. To build an appreciation for the fundamental concepts in computing 2. To achieve a beginners proficiency in Web page development 3. To become familiar with popular PC productivity software.

Course Learning Outcomes: At the end of the course, Students should be able to understand:

  • Fundamental concepts of computers
  • Various hardware building blocks
  • Components of operating systems
  • The Internet
  • How to make a simple web page
  • Basic productivity software including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and databases

Dear student, there is an big collection of past paper which is collected at one place, You can download paper by direct click on link, or Copy for Internet Download Manager. CS-101 Past Paper:

  • 1.CS101 Solved mid mcq’s mega files with 115 papers.pdfèDownload
  • 2.CS101 Mcq’s solved.pdfèDownload
  • 3.Cs101-latest -solved-midterm 11  papers.rarèDownload
  • 4.CS101 mid-term 14 solved papers.rarèDownload
  • 5.CS101 mid-term solved mega files Download
  • 6.CS101 Mid Solved 16 papers by-Wajidè Download
  • 7.CS101_MID_2004_2005_2006_2007.rarèDownload
  • 8.CS101 mid solved 10 papers spring 2009.rarèDownload
  • 9.CS101 mid paper solved 10 papers spring 2010.rarèDownload
  • 10.cs101 mid solved paper 5 papers spring 2010.rarèDownload
  • 11.CS101 solved papers 2003- to- 2007èDownload
  • 12.CS101 Quiz no. 1èDownload
  • 13.CS101 Quiz no. 2èDownload
  • 1.CS101 Solved Subjective from past papersèDownload
  • 2.CS101 Solved Short And Long Questions by-WajidèDownload
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