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History of Ilsam

Islam (Arabic: الإسلام, Al-Islam) is a religion that believes in one god. In Islam, [Allah] is the [Arabic language] word for [god] or ‘the deity’. In Islam the [Qur’an] is named The Criterion, the criterion between right and wrong, good and evil. The Manual for Mankind

All of its teachings and beliefs are written out in the Qur’an. People who follow Islam are called Muslims. They believe that the Qur’an was spoken to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel, and that it is the word of Allah. They view Muhammad as a Prophet. Other beliefs and rules about what Muslims should do come from reports of what Muhammad taught and did. Muslims believe Muhammad was Allah’s last prophet.

Muslims believe that there were many other prophets before Muhammad, including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. They believe that all these prophets were given messages of oneness of God by God to their communities at different times in history of mankind, but Satan the rebel made the past communities to deviate from the message of oneness and other social codes. Muslims believe that the content of Qur’an (written in Arabic) is protected by Allah as mentioned in Quran and is the final message of God for all of mankind until day of judgement.

Most Muslims belong to one of two groups. The most common is Sunni Islam (75–90% of all Muslims are Sunni Muslims). The second is Shia Islam (10–20% of all Muslims are Shias – also called Shiites).
Subject related History of Islam, teaches in colleges as optional book. there are some past paper of book, which is as sample

Dear  User:  Here are Past Paper  For Intermediate classes (F.A, Fs.c and other), Which is collected from  other website . All student can download past paper at only one page.  
How to Download:
·         If you using computer then right click on link and select save as
·         If you are using mobile then open link and press long on image and select save image.
  1. BISE Lahore Inter Part 1 History of Modern World Objective Past Paper
  2. BISE Lahore Inter Part 1 History of Modern World Subjective Past Paper
  3. BISE Lahore Inter Part 1 History of Pakistan Objective Past Paper
  4. BISE Lahore Inter Part 1 History of Pakistan Subjective Past Paper

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