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CS201 Past Paper big Collection

CS201- Midterm and Final Term
this course offer by Virtual University of Pakistan

Introduction, Software Categories / History of C / IDE, Starting to ‘C’, Expressions and Operators, Decisions, Repetition Structures, Loops and Operators, Switch Statement, Functions, Arrays, Pointers, Strings, String Manipulation Functions, File Handling, Structures, Bit Manipulation, Pre-processor Directives and Macros, Dynamic Memory Allocation using C, Structured Programming, Classes and Objects, Memory Allocation in C++, Friend Functions, Reference Data Type, Arrays of Objects, Streams, Stream Manipulation, Overloading Insertion and Extraction Operators, User Defined Manipulators, Copy Constructor & Assignment Operator, Template Functions, Template Classes

Course Synopsis

The course uses the Dev-C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) as the vehicle for instruction. Starting with basic programming concepts, the course develops skill in handling decision and looping structures. Moving on through the concept of pointers and arrays, the course covers the essentials of the C programming language while staying away from object-oriented concepts. The premise is that a good grounding in structured programming will be required when moving into the object-oriented domain that would be covered in depth in a later course. After covering file-handling and unions and structures, the course will finally introduce the concept of classes and public and private members with an introduction to function overloading. The object-oriented concepts of polymorphism, virtual functions and protected data members will not be covered in this course. The course uses the C++ input/output system rather than the traditional C I/O. The practice sessions are kept away from “windows” type programming to ensure that mastering the basic concepts is not clouded by unnecessary details at this stage.

Course Learning Outcomes:At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Analyze, design, and solve real world problems in C ++
  • Understand the importance of modular program structure and reusability
  • Understand object oriented programming
  • Understand the difference between procedural and object oriented paradigms

Dear student, there is a big collection of past paper which is collected at one place, You can download paper by direct click on link, or Copy for Internet Download Manager.

  • 1. CS201_MID_2006-2007 è  Download
  • 2. Cs201-Quiz-1-to-15-Helpful-in-Examèè Download
  • 3 .Cs201-BEST-MID-MEGA-FILE è Download
  • 4. Cs201-current-subjective-solvedè  Download
  • 5. CS201-MID-Term-2012-papers è Download
  • 6. CS201-Spring2010_MidTermè Download
  • 7. CS201-MID-solved-quizè  Download
  • 8. CS-MID-solved-quiz1è  Download
Note: Here is only one page, which provides the link of past paper of subject CS-201. Not waste your time by visiting other page if you are finding material of this type.
Leave comment if  any problem in downloading.

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