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Microsoft Excel (pdf) Formulas And Complete Concept Of Spread Sheet.

Microsoft Excel (pdf) Formulas And Complete Concept Of Spread Sheet

How to Use This Book
You can use this book any way you please. If you choose to read it cover to cover while lounging
on a sunny beach in Kauai, that’s fine with me. More likely, you’ll want to keep it within arm’s
reach while you toil away in your dimly lit cubicle.
Due to the nature of the subject matter, the chapter order is often immaterial. Most readers will
probably skip around, picking up useful tidbits here and there. The material contains many examples,
designed to help you identify a relevant formula quickly. If you’re faced with a challenging
task, you may want to check the index first to see whether the book specifically addresses your
I’m always interested in getting feedback on my books. The best way to provide this
via e-mail. Send your comments and suggestions to
Unfortunately, I’m not able to reply to specific questions. Posting your question to one of the
Excel newsgroups is, by far, the best way to get such assistance. See Appendix C for more information
about the newsgroups.
Also, when you’re out surfing the Web, don’t overlook my Web site (“The Spreadsheet Page”).
You’ll find lots of useful Excel information, including tips and downloads
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